Charles Ayitey

Broadcast Reporter, Narrative Writer

United States

Charles Ayitey is a broadcast reporter and narrative writer living in Oakland, California. His beat is on racial equities in health, business, and policy in the United States, and has publications in Oakland Side and Oakland North.

Before joining the UC Berkeley Journalism School, Charles was a business anchor and writer at Joy News - a leading news organization in his hometown, Accra. Ghana. While in Ghana, he produced and presented award-winning coverage of the resilience of African entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was awarded the best business journalist in Ghana and the best Climate reporter in Africa in 2021. Charles has moderated various business conferences including the Africa-EU Business Summit where he spoke on the impact of local journalism on Africa-EU relations.

Charles holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism (An affiliate of University of Ghana) and expects to graduate from Berkeley Journalism in May 2024 with a Master in Journalism degree.

Linkedin Communications
Ghanaian Startup Makes Debut on Nasdaq

Fleri Health provides millions of US immigrants a solution to directly and transparently provide healthcare access across borders to loved ones - especially the aged.

The Oaklandside
'Vaccination fatigue?' Fewer people in Alameda County are getting flu shots

Oaklandside is committed to telling stories about what's beautiful in Oakland - stories of joy and celebration, neighbors helping neighbors, and legacies deepened. We also want to go deeper on Oakland's problems related to public safety, from gun violence to property theft, their root causes and possible solutions.

The Oaklandside
Monkeypox vaccinations in Oakland lag among Black and Latinx gay men

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Oakland North
Bridging the vaccination gap: only 43% of eligible Alameda County Black residents are boosted...

On a sunny Monday morning this fall, dozens of Oakland residents lined up outside East Oakland's Roots Community Health Center, waiting patiently to get tested, treated, or vaccinated against COVID-19, for free. About 10 medical volunteers worked in five outdoor tents set up outside the single-story nonprofit medical center, providing one shot in the arm at a time.

Face2Face Africa
Why Africa Must Stop Begging for Foreign Aid from the West

There is no doubt that Africa has transitioned from being considered a "dark continent," to one which is currently regarded as the second fastest growing continent in the world in the 21st century. However, despite advancements in agriculture, finance, health, politics, and formal education, Africa continues to suffer the negative connotations of colonialism, imperialism, and inferiority.

Face2Face Africa
These 30 young African entrepreneurs are poised to be millionaires in the next 10 years

Africa is the youngest continent in the world. The continent's people also face some of the most pressing issues in the world - extreme poverty, poor governance, extreme weather, high unemployment, among many others. As such, its youth bulge and the accompanying human capital has the potential to catalyze and ignite the continent's development.
Charles Ayitey: AfCFTA officially opens, challenges and prospects -

Ghanaian businesses - small, medium, or large - have welcomed the New Year with great expectations. Many had collapsed, while others have been birthed to the constraints and opportunities of the Coronavirus Pandemic. But the year, 2021, carries its business potential and a huge one at that as Ghana and the rest of the Continent [...]